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Late Summer Project- Penguono

As cooler weather approaches (autumn fan here!), layering pieces become essential. What better time to cast on an oversized cardigan than late summer? Sure, some days it may feel too hot to knit, but I also know I want that perfect layering piece as the leaves start to change.

My current go to knit is just that, Stephen West's Penguono. An oversized cardigan that allows your imagination to run wild with stash yarn. To be fair, I did supplement with newly purchased yarns to fill out my color vision and ensure I had enough yardage within the color spectrum I wanted to use.

The base of my project is a custom fade from @sweetnesting on Instagram. She and I exchanged messages on what I was looking for, I sent a few examples, and she absolutely nailed it! Here is the back of my cardigan all knit up:

You may recall the skeins shared in a prior post, don't they look amazing?! I also shared some La Bien Aimee skeins, I used those across part of the front, fading into the lighter pink from the back fade:

I then brought in some additional colors and textures into the sides of the project:

Again, the perfect project for using up bits and pieces left in your stash! Here is a great shot of the welts where I used some scraps and minis:

The construction is also super interesting. I have so many stitches on holders! However it's nice to be able to grab those stitches vs. picking up and knitting (which this pattern calls for too). I also have to keep reminding myself to "trust the process' as this knit comes together. While I am by no means a new knitter, there are parts where I was second guessing myself and all worked out as expected.

I am currently working through the underside of the sleeves and then onto the bottom border and the collar before finishing up. I will be sure to come back and not only share the finished project, but also all the yarn used in the caribou segments of the knit. Stay tuned!


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