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Monday Makes- Knit Collage

Monday's are for making, especially when it's a Monday off for a holiday weekend! Today I decided to spotlight my Knit Collage projects. I've lost track fo how long I've been knitting Knit Collage designs, however if I look back at my Ravelry projects my first one captured was in 2014, so at least 7 years.

I've always been "all-in" for chunky yarns and knits, which meant KC designs were oriented towards my niche. Here's a look back at some of the great projects I've had the opportunity to create:

Left Column (Top to Bottom):

Middle Column (Top to Bottom):

Right Column (Top to Bottom):

While these are all made using KC specific yarns, many of these projects are suited for chunky handspun yarn too. They often leave me thinking I need to find time for spinning again.

I also have two projects for the 2021 Spring KAL still in the works:

On the left is my Embroidered Kaleidoscope Sweater. Same pattern as the striped sweater above, yet this time knit in a solid and I am in process of embroidering it. If you've ever wanted to knit a sweater, this is a great first sweater pattern! The yarn on the right will be used to knit the Flower Power Cardi. I've yet to cast this one on as I kept rethinking the colors I wanted to use. The kit shown is the Kristy Glass color way. I ultimately think I will stick with this color set. My other option was a black base with an olive green flower and lavender/cornflower blue outlines. I think I'm going to keep it bright and bold.

While the Spring KAL has wrapped up, go follow @knitcollage and keep an eye out for the Fall KAL! I'm sure they'll be sharing sneak peeks as the summer progresses.


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