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Social Distancing Saturday

Checking in from the cold, gray Midwest on this Saturday to see what everyone is up to. Me? I'm knitting away on one of the five (!!!) projects currently sitting on my desk:

This is the Glacier Park Cowl by Caitlin Hunter of Boyland Knitworks. The yarn I am using is Haute Fingering in Tree Moss by Skeincocaine and Hedgehog Fibre Sock in Ghost. Initially I was really unsure if they would work together, even almost ripped dit out, however now I am completely in love with the combination.I originally purchased the HF yarn for a Birds of a Feather shawl, even cast that project on, yet then moved away from shawl knitting to focus on sweaters and more sweaters.

Currently also on my desk are:

* Mae

* Soldotna

* ADVENTuresome Wrap

* ADVENTuring Scarf + Wrap

Clearly not a monogamous knitter, are you? As we continue on our path of social distancing, feel free to interact with me here. I look forward to hearing what you are working on!


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