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Stash Flash Sunday

Anyone that has been knitting/fiber crafting for some period time has most certainly started to acquire a "stash" of yarn. I am certainly no different. Given that I have been knitting for 16 years, my stash may be somewhat out of control and more than I can potentially knit in my lifetime. Yet with so much gorgeous yarn available it is often hard to resist. Also, it simply makes me happy.

pictured: 6 skeins of hand dyed yarn, faded dark purple to light pink
Custom fade by @sweetnesting

This amazing fade is a custom request from @sweetnesting on Instagram. I am planning to knit a Penguono this fall and have really been enjoying shades of pink and purple lately. Celeste nailed it when creating this fade.

pictured: 3 skeins of hand dyed yarn
Colors L to R: Andromeda, Calliope, Peanut Butter & Jelly

I then picked up a few additional skeins for the project from La Bien Aimee. Keeping with the purple, yet adding in some gray tones. The "Peanut Butter & Jelly" color way on the far right may possibly be one of my favorite color ways ever.

Here it is altogether:

I'm still deciding if I look for one or two more skeins to fade the right side into an aqua. I believe I already have more yarn than I need for the project, yet have plenty of scrappy projects in my mind that any leftovers could be used for.

What do you think? Fade to aqua or leave as is?


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