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Tool Tuesday- Yarn Bowl Edition

Managing my yarn while knitting is a must. Especially when knitting with more than one color. Whether I'm knitting in my craft room, living room, basement hang out space, or back deck, having a place for my yarn is key. Hence my ever growing yarn bowl collection.

It all started with a gift:

This bowl was gifted to me by my dear friend Hilary when I moved back to the states from Cork, Ireland. She had a pottery friend make the bowl for me and it is quite possibly one of my most favorite gifts ever. Isn't it beautiful?

Then during my Game of Thrones addiction I had to have this one that I acquired via Lenny Mud:

Of course I picked up a second one from that same site that played into my husband's love of all things Star Wars:

A few years ago while shopping for Christmas my 13-year-old came across this beautiful yarn bowl and decided it was the perfect gift for me. Heart melted. I believe she found this at a Hallmark store.

My latest acquisition is this planter from Hammerly Ceramics that I decided is going to be a yarn bowl instead. The shape is fantastic for yarn. As it has feet, I could leverage the drain hole in the bottom for the yarn.

Beyond the options I have shared, Knit Picks has some beautiful options right now, and they're included in the summer sale! Note that the link used is an affiliate link, should you purchase anything using my link I may receive a small commission which will help support this site. Thank you!

There you have it! My current collection. Be sure to tell me in the comments how you manage your yarn while crafting.


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