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Travel Knitting- How Many Projects?

For the first time in two years we are taking a family vacation. Like many others, the pandemic put any kind of travel on hold for us. The goal of the trip? To relax and unwind, take in some different scenery, breath in the ocean air. My personal goal? To finish at least one WIP! Which leads me to: how many projects do I actually take for a one week vacation?

Currently I have four very active projects on the needles, I will take at least two of them:

1. My Sea Glass Tee. This is my "slow" knitting project. I am motivated by each color change and now that I have split for the body I feel like it may start to fly off the needles.

2. I started a Noncho (Casapinka) last week and I find that I don't want to put it down. The LolaBean Yarn Co yarn is simply delicious. I'm also only knitting the project in a size 2 (this will go to one of my kids), so it is moving quickly. I'm also super excited to incorporate the rainbow yarn I have left from another project into the stripes. That was my true motivation for starting this project.

3. Gift knitting. I have a pair of droid pillows I am knitting as a surprise gift for a friend's nursery. This is not my favorite knit, however as the friend is a massive Star Wars fan, I need to power through and get these done. They are currently about half way through the pregnancy and I am 2/3rds through one pillow.

4. Stripe Sweater in Kokon Pink. After hearing about the Bellish app for knitwear design, I wanted to give it a try. I had some Kokon yarn I purchased from the closing sale of Yarn Scout and the app quickly helped me design a sweater that is perfect for it. It is knit bottom up and I've already split for the sleeves and finished the front. All that's left is the top of the back and the short sleeves.

Right now I believe I'll take projects 1, 3 and 4 with me. The projects I am most interested in and also have the highest chance of making progress on. Then I can pick up the gift knit when I am back and power through.

How many projects do you take with you when you travel? Do you keep them small or take a single larger project? I'd love to know more abbot how you travel with your knits!


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